Friday, January 30, 2009

I just want my Phish tickets!

Evidently today was a big day for Phish fans. After the band recently announced they would reunite and play a summer tour, tickets went on sale today at 10AM for some shows. Two die hard Phish fans in my office were waiting patiently fingers clutched to their mice waiting for the clock to hit 10. And more waiting...and browser timeout errors...and live nation crashing... and what! One of them finally got through and chose the number of tickets and had to enter Live Nation's 'Security Check'. When prompted to enter the words he was dumbfounded to see what the first word was. WTF! How do you put that into the computer? He choose to have another word generated for him which was a smart decision. On a subsequent try he had the British Pound sign in part of the word. Does anyone know keyboard shortcut for the British Pound sign? In disgust he eventually gave up and surrendered to Live Nation ticketless. However, the other guy in our office came away with 3 tickets. Congratulations if you got mastered the ability to type words correctly into a security check.

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