Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Ice Cream

A friend of mine celebrated her birthday a week ago this past Sunday. In honor of this milestone I decided to make her some homemade Vanilla Oreo Ice Cream. I must say it's probably the best ice cream I've ever made. This past Sunday I was on a mission to find pasteurized cream since ultra-pasteurized cream loses much of its flavor and texture from being heated to high temperatures. If you are a foodie like me, you may be wondering, "where in Albany, NY can I find pasteurized cream?" Since we don't have a Whole Foods, and Price Chopper/ Hannaford don't carry it, I tried The Honest Weight Coop. BINGO! However, they were were out of stock and wouldn't get any until Monday/Thursday (fyi....those are the only days they get deliveries). Since I needed Oreo's and milk anyway, I went to our big new Wal-Mart. BINGO AGAIN! They sell Byrne Dairy Grade A Pasteurized Cream which is made in Syracuse, NY along with an assortment of other Byrne Dairy products (shameless plug I know). Since summer officially starts June 21st, you still have time to stock up on supplies and recipes so get crackin'.

Again...Happy Birthday! :)

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Denton said...

Looks good and all the effort you put into the preparation makes the gift to your friend very special.

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