Saturday, August 30, 2008

Fruits (and Vegetables) of our labor

Today was a big day for the garden. The last of the cherry tomatoes were picked and many of the big boy tomatoes were starting to turn red. There are a few small eggplant left (4) and some small bell peppers (6). As the season begins to end, we are seeing less and less produce on the plants that are left. Enjoy it while it lasts cause in January and February you will be hoping for days like these.

Everyone enjoy your Labor Day weekend!


Anonymous said...

I suggest cutting the eggplant into very small pieces and mixing it with ground beef. Season as you want. Maybe even throw a cracker of two in for some filler. Use that mixture to stuff the bell peppers and bake. A stuffed bell pepper with eggplant to replace about half the ground beef. To make it even lighter, use ground turkey or chicken. Yum.


Sherry said...

I see the pollinators have been busy there too! Yum, fresh warm vegetables..

Livio said...

Nice shot