Tuesday, October 28, 2008

You Live In Hell

As one of my good friends said, "You live in hell". To some extent this is true. It shouldn't snow before Halloween. The past 2 days have been all rainy, nasty, and cold. Then today around 3PM when I was walking in the hall, I realized it was snowing outside. My heart sank and I realized summer is another 6 months away.

***Editors note. I realize that today it's not a photo. I'm sorry, but this was a big moment. Since the snow wasn't really sticking, the video captured it better. We will get back to the photos soon....unless I start taking lots of videos :)


My Life In Montreal said...

Same here in Montreal:|

Mark said...

remember this and think happy thoughts of nice days at ACL......and don't forget the horribly hot, humid and miserable summer days you've had where the temp was 99F and the humidity was right up there with is and you melted as soon as you stepped outside.